Happy birthday to my big sister, Susan!!!! You're my voice of reasoning, my confidant and my biggest supporter. I still can't believe your birthday is a day after mine! I still think I was the best birthday gift you've ever received, even though you told me you were traumatized when you saw me for the first time at six years old. 😂

You're the only person who knows how to get under my skin and how to embarrass me real good in front of others. Nonetheless, I wouldn't trade you for anyone else!!! I can always count on you to be honest with me and tell me if I'm dressing like a potato sack, if my big toenail is too long and if my eyebrows are looking like cousins, instead of sisters.

I have always admired your work ethic, maturity, sense of style, wisdom and big heart. You're a living proof that hard work pays off!!! I've seen you get knocked down many times, but you've always held your head high and kept moving forward. You're everything I strive to be, from your poise to your accomplishments (i.e. finding a stable job, having a loving hubby, owning a beautiful home before hitting 30!).

I'm forever grateful to have someone like you in my life and I can't wait until the day you start popping out babies!!! I hope Ryan treated you like a queen and spoiled you like silly today, like he always does. ☺️