I'm super stoked that it's finally reading week!!!! I have been looking forward to this since school started!!!! 😄  I went MIA last week because I had so many things due for school. But I'm finally back with anotha blog post, so let's just jump right into it!

On my birthday, Daniel surprised me with flowers and took me out to dinner at a new vegan restaurant in Yorkville, called Planta! I discovered this place through my Instagram feed (the usual!) and was captivated by their interior. Initially, I was going to host my birthday brunch there, but most of my friends voted for a house party instead. Either way, I'm still so happy I finally got to try this place out!

It's seriously worth all the hype and I would definitely go back again. After reading several reviews on Yelp, we went with their cauliflower tots, shared their "Italian Job" pizza and split their classic burger. They gave us five pieces of the Cauliflower tots, so I was low key ecstatic when Daniel said I could have the last one!! I still offered it to him ( just to be nice) but y'know, I had mentally claimed it already. 😉  This appetizer was so good that it had us scraping the truffle parmesan off the plate!

Once our mains arrived, we were really curious about this "fennel sausage" on the pizza and if the burger would be better than the one we tried at Doomies. Daniel was actually confused at first as to why I would want to try a pizza with meat on it. He completely forgot that we were at a vegan restaurant! Aiiii yaaaa. 😂

The pizza was good, but it was just something I couldn't eat more than two slices of. Meanwhile, their burger and fries were really filling and flavourful. We both agreed that it would be even better if it was as saucy as Doomies' version of the Big Mac!

After dinner, we went back to his place and he showed me the special montage video he made for me. Thanks again Daniel for trying so hard to make every birthday memorable for me!!!!!!!! ☺️💘 You make me just as happy as that french fry does in the photo! 😂

I actually just came back from Vancouver this morning and I'm SO excited to share all the photos from my trip! Before I can get to that, I still have some catching up to do on here. So stay tune for more guys!!!