As mentioned in my last post, majority of my friends voted to have my birthday party held at my place. Since it was my first time throwing a house party for thirty guests, I really wanted it to be memorable!

I made jello shots, bought a helium tank, baked chicken wings and pizzas, purchased Snapchat filters, raided Bulk Barn and had way too many bags of chips. Daniel made fun of me and said I was like a little high schooler throwing her first party! Truer words were never spoken!!! 😂

I'm not even gonna lie, it was hard trying to enjoy myself, while trying to be a good host and please everyone. I was running around all night that if Claudia and Hanna didn't pull me aside for a mini photoshoot, I wouldn't have any photos to share from my party. I still regret not getting a photo with everyone at the party! Some of these photos are out of focus, but I love the people I took these with why not! ☺️

Thanks again to everyone who made the time to come out and celebrate with me!!!! It really meant a lot. 😚💕