I'm going a little out of order for my blog posts because I wanna tell you guys about the event I attended last night, in case you might be interested! Camille and Joy bought Thiya and I tickets to The Artist Project! I still can't believe the four of us have never heard of this event until now, even though they're hitting their 10th year anniversary this year... 😅

If you're into contemporary paintings, you gotta check out this art fair that's only happening this weekend! There were hundreds of paintings displayed, which made it really hard to pick our favourite one. After you drop by, I recommend that you dine at Doomie's and try their version of the Big Mac! I'm not vegan, but I can't rave enough about this burger!!! It's ginormous and saucy. 😛

Thanks again Camille and Joy for planning this outing and thanks Thi Thi for being my personal photographer! 😄  Hope you're all having a great weekend so far!! I'll be back with another blog post tomorrow. 😋