It can be a little bit inconvenient to carry my camera everywhere. So when that's the case, I usually turn to my Snapchat to capture the memories. ☺️  Here's a round up of what I've been up to this month! I've been cooling off at Trinity Bellwoods with Joy, playing at the park with Dan, spending a weekend at the cottage with friends,

having a double date with Nancy and Ashad, getting soft serve ice cream with Fab 4, discovering new cooking recipes, trying to win a bootleg Connect 4 game (that ended up not working!) at Dave and Buster's,

making frequent visits to VIPS Sushi for their unreal and huge maki rolls, discovering new poké places, obsessing over Flamin' Hot Cheetos, getting my butt kicked in ping pong by this cute couple,

freaking out over my new employee pass that doubles as a metropass, giving people free metallic tattoos, and drinking lotsssss of boba!!! 😉