I don't think my friend, Hanna, has made a debut on my blog yet!!! So I met her in my concurrent education program and we grew super close this year after having several classes together and sharing the same break. Now that it's summer, we've been keeping in touch and planning lots of outings together! Last month, we had brunch at Bar Reyna! 

I was really hoping that we could get a spot on their cute patio, but they were hosting an event that day. I guess this only means that I gotta come back next time to check it out!! Plus, I actually do wanna bring my boyfriend here because I think he would totally dig the "Italian" fries that we had. These reallyyy hit the spot man. 😄

We also split their fancy french toast and avocado toast. Thanks to this article that was recently published, I actually feel guilty about ordering avocado toasts now. UGHHhh.. it was so worth it though. 😂

After we ate, we grabbed some boba and did a little shopping! I finally got my hands on this super cute romper that I've been eyeing for a while now. Super excited to wear it out once the weather gets warmer! As we were on our way to grab dessert, we noticed these beautiful trees and decided to have a mini photo shoot! 😄

After hanging out with Hanna, it made me remember that no one is ever too busy for you! If you really mattered to them, they would make time in their schedule for you. ☺️