It's almost midnight and I should be in bed soon, but I just wanted to pop in to tell you guys what I've been up to lately! My vacation to Punta Cana is less than two weeks away (super excited!!!), so I've been on that workout grind this month. Ok ok.. I know it may be a little late to start exercising now, but I'm finally motivated to do so that my trip is approaching. 😄

I've also been catching up with a lot of friends this month! Last week, I had dinner with my friend, Daniel, at Doomie's and shared a few pointers in photography with him. He's planning to use his camera more once he moves to Vancouver to do his master's degree! I'm just sooo happy for him that he survived my digital media program and is moving on to bigger and (wayyyy) better things! 😄

He was actually the first person I met in my program and we remained great friends after all these years. I honestly feel like we have this type of friendship where we can see each other many years down the road and easily pick up from where we left off.

I'm definitely going to miss seeing him around campus next year! 😢