My supervisor went over to my sister's department to do some filming today and let me tag along too! I still find it so cool how we work for the same company. No you guys, she didn't get me my internship!! It would be cool if she got me a permanent position once I graduate though! I spent two hours over there, so my lunch break got pushed back a bit.

I just ate my veggie pattie really quickly because I wanted to use my lunch break to do some blogging. I find that I tend to get lazy once I get home, which is why I have been very inconsistent with my posts. After sitting at the computer at work all day, the last thing I wanna do is sit on the computer at home. I realized now that I could've been more productive during my breaks...

Without further ado, let's just jump right in! For the last weekend in June, Daniel and I checked out a food festival, Taste of Asia! Since I was hangry the last time we went, we made sure that I didn't attend on an empty stomach again. 😄  We arrived during peak hours, so the lines were pretty long. Luckily, we were still able to try everything we wanted to! I really enjoyed this twisted potato thingy that we had and didn't expect it to be so easy to eat! I didn't like this milky drink (pictured above) that Daniel ordered though. It was a good thing that he liked it, so that it didn't have to go to waste!

We can't go to a night market without ordering takoyaki octopus balls! We actually devoured these pretty quick. 😄  While I was lining up for mango nitrogen ice cream, we bumped into a few of Daniel's friends!

The great thing about going with more people, for a place like this, is that you can have different people lining up for different things ...which means DOUBLE THE FOOD to try!!!!! Daniel was able to split all of his meaty dishes with his friends, since I couldn't really help him out. 😄

He also brought along his drone that night and was able to get a sweet shot of the event! I always feel so cool whenever I'm hanging around him and he bust out this gadget. 😄

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We'll be attending another night market this weekend!! I really hope there's a vendor that sells twisted taro because I always love eating those little chippies in my poké bowls!