Yesterday, Daniel and I skipped out on the night market because one of our friends invited us over for a BBQ! Free food, no lines and smaller crowd? Sounds like a better plan to me!!! 😄 Although I didn't get to have the taro chips that I was looking forward to, I realized that I can get it at a poké place any time! That reminds me... I still haven't blogged about the last poké spot that I checked out with my homie, Cody!

Last month, Cody and I went to SU&BU after work! I've been wanting to try their sushi burgers for some time now. Unfortunately, they don't offer it on their menu anymore, so I went for their classic Fish Poké bowl instead. It was alright. I honestly feel like North Poke and Pokeh has set sucha high bar for me. 😂

After dinner, we decided to go to Kensington Market to explore. As we were on our way, we came across Michaels ...and ended up spending two hours in there! Cody walked out with a new tiny pot that he bought for his boyfriend's succulent. Just when we were about to head home, we walked by a convenience store and noticed their succulents in their window display! My friend is actually a sucker for these plants. This guy owns like 48 of them! With that said, we had to go in there because he was curious to see what they had in stock.

I ended up buying one for Daniel and Cody bought one for himself. I was going to get one for myself, but I remembered that I don't really have a green thumb... We walked back to Michaels afterwards to buy more tiny pots for these new plants. 😂 I told Daniel that he should name his plant Cashmere, but he decided to go with Spikey... boring!!!!!