Back in 2013, I did a chocolate making workshop with Thiya and Joy! I remembered I had so much fun doing it that I figured Daniel would be into it too ...because who doesn't like chocolate?!?! 😀  I totally forgot that I had bought tickets for last Friday's time slot, but I'm so glad I did! It gave us something to look forward to, since we were still a little bummed that our vacation ended so soon.

When we arrived at the café, Daniel was so excited and had so many questions for me! He kept asking me what the purpose of each tool on the table was, but I couldn't recall much from the first time I did it. All I really remembered was decorating a bunch of truffles!! 😂

The chocolatier started with a brief history on chocolate, let us taste test her creations, and had us design a molten lava cake! Afterwards, we were all given a slab of ganache to cut out our truffles with.

The highlight of this workshop was definitely decorating all of these truffles! Daniel was so proud of his creations and thought he was being so creative when he decided to stack his little truffle ball on top of his chocolate covered marshmallow??? 😄

He did have some cute creations though the one with a smiley face and the one with the first letter of our names combined. 😀

To be honest, I think that the name of this workshop is a little bit deceiving because it was more like chocolate decorating than chocolate "making." Nonetheless, we both had a lot of fun!!! 💕  If you're interested, make sure you use the Groupon for 55% off!!!!