This week, Daniel and I checked out the Häagen-Dazs pop-up bar!!! When I was younger, I swear I saw light and sparkles emitting from their mini ice cream tubs. My dad wasn't able to justify buying it for me though, especially when he can get a bigger and cheaper tub of Breyers neapolitan! 😂

So when I saw photos of their decorated ice cream bars flooding my Instagram feed this summer, my inner child was so fricken excited to check it out! (This post is not sponsored by the way!)

Daniel and I started off with their popular ice cream bars! I couldn't get over how aesthetically pleasing it was. It just looked so good against so many backdrops!! Here's a photo of it in front of a pot of plant.

Here's another pic of it in front of me. And anotha one beside Dan! You see what I'm sayyyyang?!?! 😀

It didn't look that good when I was inhaling it though. That's me signalling to Dan to just give it up because he wasn't gonna get a cute shot outta me at this state.

Daniel was so ready to leave after he was done his ice cream bar because it was just too sweet for him to handle. I thought that was reasonable because how many more sweets does he need ...when he's already sweet enough.. Heh heh!! I can imagine my sister shivering at what I just said. LOL!

I told him that we couldn't leave until we had their flight menu! You basically get five different flavours to try and then you choose your favourite flavour that you would like a scoop of! I was so happy that it came sandwiched between a macaron because I was actually conflicted on ordering that or the ice cream bar in the beginning!

It's funny how Dan wanted to leave early, but ended up paying this last dessert for us! 😂 If you guys are interested in checking this place out, they're only here until this Saturday! Also, I will be posting about my vacation sometime next week! Sorry for being so late with that!!! Daniel and I keep forgetting to exchange memory cards with each other! GRRRRrr!!! UGH! ARGH!