WowWw!!!! I can't believe how long it took me to sort through these photos from my vacation! I'm thinking that I should just bring my laptop with me on my next trip, so that I can blog while I'm there and save time when I return! 😄  But without further ado, let's just jump right in!!!

So last year, Daniel and I went to Cancun for my sister's destination wedding! This year, Daniel's sister had a destination wedding in Punta Cana!!!

We've planned this trip for almost a year, and I was so nervous that my internship wouldn't let me go in the end. Luckily, everything worked out fine and I had such a great time!!!

For our first full day there, we lounged on the beach. Well.. I attempted to. Daniel kept telling me to relax and soak in the sun, but for some reason, tanning isn't as fun to me as many people make it seem.

I just don't like the idea of laying there with the scorching sun beaming down on you. I think it's due to the fact that I am taking my skincare regimen seriously. Anyways!!! While Daniel spent his time tanning, I spent hours looking for pretty seashells!!! ☺️

In terms of the food there, I feel like the resort we stayed at in Cancun really set the bar for us. In other words, the food wasn't all that great at Dreams La Romana. The only thing that Daniel and I kept coming back for was their spicy salmon roll at their daily buffet.

They also had seven à la carte restaurants, but most of them were only open for dinner. Out of that selection, we liked their French and Italian restaurants the best!!

In terms of the drinks, I've discovered miami vice and that was basically my water for the whole week!!! 😂

What I really liked about this resort was their wide variety of daily activities! Daniel and I practically did zumba everyday to earn "funny money" to use at their auction. Unfortunately, we weren't able to collect enough money to win anything... 😢

It was ridiculous how high some of these items were going for though, like a t-shirt! These two little girls were battling it out for one and the bid ended at $19000. LIKE ARE YOU FA REALLL HERE!!!! Daniel and I didn't understand how much zumba these girls were doing to get that much money.

The wedding took place in the middle of the week! Daniel's sister had asked Daniel and I to photograph her wedding. I'm not going to lie, I was a little on the fence about it because there is so much pressure to get the perfect shots. This is a once in a lifetime kinda thing, and I didn't wanna let her down.

She kept reassuring us that she will be happy with whatever we gave her. On the day of her wedding, she was honestly so easy going, which made our job really easy! ☺️

She also made her own wedding dress!!!

Alright guys, I'm well aware of how awkward I look in this group photo! This was the only photo where I thought I looked the least awkward ...if that's even possible. 😂

After the ceremony, we all went back to the bride and groom's suite to hang out in their pool before we got ready for dinner! Looking back, this wedding flew by in a blink of an eye. Wait no, this WHOLE vacation flew by once the wedding passed!

Besides the wedding, another highlight of my trip was the spa!!! It was mine and Daniel's first time going and we both got an amazing full-body massage (where I fell asleep and apparently snored...) and got to hang out in a private jacuzzi! Sooo soo sooo bless!!!! 😀

I also want to mention one of the regrets that Daniel and I had during the trip. If the resort asks you if you want your room fumigated, LET THEM DO IT!!! We didn't want to get up at 9am for them to come in, so we ended up fighting off ten moths during our stay! NO BUENO!!!! 😢

Once this trip ended, I definitely went through post-vacation blues, so I created a Latino playlist on Spotify to cope! But seriously guys, check out this song and this song and this song. Straight up bangers!!!!! 😂

Before I end this post, I want to say a big thank you to Steph and Matt for inviting me to their destination wedding!!!!!!! You guys really make me feel like family. ☺️💕