Last weekend, Daniel and I spent the afternoon exploring downtown. One of my favourite things about this city is that there is always something new opening up!

There has been a lot of talk about this charcoal ice cream this summer, so we had to see what the rage was all about!!!

The charcoal flavour had this familiar taste, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. It didn't taste burnt.. or sweet.. I dunno man. I really liked the ube and matcha flavours that mine was mixed with though! It did get a little messy once we were halfway through, but I thought it was so clever how they placed a marshmallow at the bottom of the waffle cone to prevent any leaks!

After we finished our ice cream at the park, we walked on over to Cloud Gardens but ended up being disappointed when we found out that it is closed on the weekend.. that was okay though!!! We still had one more thing on our list that we wanted to check out for the day... the DOGGY fountain at Berczy Park!!!

I couldn't believe that they would build something so cute, yet so quirky, in Toronto. Daniel always takes photos of whatever dog he comes across on the street... I knew I had to go here with him! We totally looked like tourists as we snapped photos of this fountain from every angle! 😂

As we were making our way back to his friend's place, who was kind enough to let us park the car there, we walked by Brookfield Place and checked it out. I can totally see why one of my friends like to shoot this spot!

Once we got enough of the AC in there, we made our way home. OH YEAH! We also stopped by a gas station, where I found my favourite Arizona green tea drink!!! I actually thought I wouldn't see it again because an employee at Metro told me that their contract had ended with Coca Cola or something and that I wouldn't be able to find this drink anymore?!

Whatta perfect way to end our Sunday afternoon. ☺️