Daniel and I have been meaning to check out this newly opened Thai restaurant, Si Lom, for a while now, but something always came up or it was outta the way from where we were. After many attempts of trying to go here, we finally paid a visit last Wednesday after work!!! 😀😀😀

What really drawn us to this restaurant in the first place was their "boozy slushy bucket." We expected 32 ounces to be a lot, but it was actually a reasonable amount when it was split between the two of us! I personally liked how the slushie and gummies masked the taste of the alcohol. ☺️

We had their vegan pad thai, grilled squid and lotus chips! I'm not gonna lie... we only decided to order the first two items because there was a thumbs up beside their names on the menu. 😄 Everything tasted great, but we couldn't justify the prices for them, especially our drink! But it wasssss cool looking. So maybe. 😁

I can't believe how much I've blogged this week!!!! I'm just tired of making up excuses for my lack of updates, because I really do enjoy blogging. I guess after 8 years of having this blog, it's pretty obvious I enjoy it!!!! 😄