I have decided to lay low this weekend to catch up on sleep (finallyyyy!!), work out some kinks with my blog and get started on the invitations for my sister's event. Although I didn't do anything exciting this weekend, I realized that I didn't share any photos from what I did last Saturday!! 😀

In the afternoon, Daniel and I went over to my cousin's place for a barbecue to celebrate his 30th birthday. Afterwards, we went downtown to celebrate one of our friend's birthday at the Rec Room! I was really excited to see what this place was all about, since it just opened this summer!!

The Rec Room was really similar to Dave and Buster's. If anything, I think it was cheaper! However, there were lesser games to play and it was more crowded. We did go on a Saturday though... 😄

Most of our tokens went towards the arcade basketball and Crazy Tower game!!! We just couldn't get enough of it. With so many eyes watching you play, you really wanna look like a champ! 😂

Daniel recently bought a new camera, which has proven to be handy for times when I don't wanna bring mine out! At the same time, I'm on the fence about it because he thinks he can be really sneaky with it and snap photos of me without me knowing. So obsessed with me like...

The highlight of my night was having Daniel win me a corn plushie and earning enough points for a box of Mike & Ike!!! 😀