Hey guysss!!! 😀 I just got back from a cottage trip with my family and friends! This has been an annual tradition for many years that at this point, it wouldn't even feel like summer if I didn't get outta the city for one weekend!

I didn't have time to sort through and edit those photos yet, but I do have some other photos that I haven't shared on here! But seriously though... what else is new!!! I'm always behind on blogging. 😄

So sometime this month, Daniel and I visited the Toronto sign that I had gone to see with Thiya earlier this summer. When I saw the sign for the first time, there were so many people crowding around it that it was impossible to get a photo without anyone in it.

When Daniel and I came here, there was actually a LINE UP to get a photo with the sign! We couldn't believe it!! We thought it was a little silly, but it turned out to be really efficient. 😄

The last time I visited Lakeshore with Daniel, all we wanted to see was the arch bridge because we didn't have that much time. (I get a little sad whenever I come across that blog post, because I accidentally deleted all of the RAW files from that day. In a situation like this, I'm reallyyy grateful for my blog!) This time, we got to take in more of the view as we walked along the waterfront and skipped rocks.

A behind-the-scene shot of Daniel taking the photo below... do it for da gwam!!!!

Ever since he got a new and smaller camera, I find that all he takes photos of are DOGS and ME! Omg... I just realized that he was taking photos of dogs and me on our first date too!!! 😐

He's still my biggest fan. 😄