Daniel and I went apple picking this past Friday and we couldn't have picked a better day to go! The apples were so ripe, there weren't that many people and the weather was amazing!!! ☀️

I actually didn't realize that Friday was the first day of autumn because it has been so hot these past few days! Given that it rained so much in Toronto this summer, this was definitely unexpected. I'm so excited to be able to extend my summer wardrobe until the end of this month! 😄

We decided to just fill up one bag of apples because we weren't sure how many we could consume before they went bad.

At one point, I thought that we would need a second bag because it was so hard trying to limit ourselves to only a few apples. There were so many firm ones with no bruises and they all looked hella juicy!!

There wasn't a variety of apples for us to choose from because it's still early in the harvest season. That's okay though, we're a big fan of honey crisp apples anyway!!! 😀

I think Daniel and I spent more time munching on them than actually gathering them. 😂

With so many apples in sight, he's still the apple of my eye! 🍎😍

Once we filled up our bag (We collected over 30 apples!) and had enough of the heat, we knew it was our cue to hop on the wagon and head to the exit. I couldn't leave the farm without getting their apple pie though!

On our way home, we stopped by Chatime for bubble tea and Ikea for dinner! Daniel and I decided to have a little fun and play credit card roulette. Guess whose card got chosen by the customer waiting behind us.. 😢

We spent the evening watching How to Get Away with Murder and enjoying the apple pie with vanilla ice cream!

Guys, did you notice my new blog header!!?!! 😄  I'm still in the experimental stage and drafting a bunch more, but this one is a top contender right now. I find it clean, modern and striking! I would love to know what you guys think though! ☺️