... an appreciation post for my best friend, Thiya!!!! 🌻 Oh Thiya, I've known you since grade six and you've always radiated so much love and positivity.

You're so humble, so caring, so sweet and sooo funny! I can always count on you to lift my mood, try out new food places with me, and laugh at my super lame jokes. You accept me for who I am and that's all I could ever ask for!! I already know this post is getting cheesy, but I really am thankful for you! ☺️

Although we've drifted apart from a few friends over the years, we still remained a constant in each other's lives. After grade six, I moved away, but we still kept in touch ...and then your family decided to move away a few years later! Closer to me! Like what are the chances?!

You started visiting me every week that summer! Once we hit university, it got a little harder trying to plan outings in the middle of our schedules, but we made it work!!! You know how some people say they'll hang with you, but you guys never set a concrete plan. Well, we always kept our word and made time for each other, whether it's the week after or three weeks in advance!

I love how you rarely follow the crowd, how you're so curious and openminded about everything and how charitable you are.

You always see so much potential in me, support me in everything I do ...and complain about how much we eat whenever we're out. 😂 Looking forward to many more years of overindulging, laughing, and exploring with you! Happy birthday homie!!!!! 💛💛💛