Last week, Daniel and I went to CNE with one of the cutest couples, Madelle and Carl!!! We've been trying to set up a date, that would work with all of our schedules, for the longest time! I'm so happy that we finally made this double date happen this summer! ☺️

The last time Daniel won me a toy at CNE, he was playing this water gun game! I really thought that he was going to win me another toy from here again. After losing on his first try, we decided not to put all of our money towards this game and try something else!

One of the games that we were all intrigued about was this bottle up game! Daniel read online on how to beat it and the game operator showed us as well... but none of us were successful in winning a big toy with that game. 😢 We all got lucky with the gambling game, over-under, though!!! 

Daniel was very hesitant in playing a lot of the games and doubted his ability to win, but I really did believe in him!!! I would take him off guard by paying for a few games and urging him to give it a try. And guess what!!!! He won me a Pikachu!!!! Dassss ma baby! ❤️

Thanks for a great time Madelle and Carl!!! Really looking forward to more double dates with you guys! ☺️