I'm not emotionally/mentally/physically prepared to start school this week!!! 😒  The only thing that is making this less dreadful is knowing that I have one more year to go and then I'll be freeeee!!!!!

I finished my internship with TTC this past Friday and it feels surrrrreal. I'm definitely not going to miss waking up at 6am everyday, but I will miss my awesome co-workers and free metropass. 😒 On the bright side, they asked me to come back next summer to intern!!!!!  It would be amazing to secure a permanent position with them after!

I didn't get outta the city this long weekend, but I feel like I had my share of fun when I went up to the cottage last weekend with my family and friends! This has been an annual tradition for many years now!

This is me urging my little cousin, Ethan, to not even dare squirt me with his water gun... he did it anyways. Kids just don't take me seriously?!?!? 😒 Let's be real though, I don't even take myself seriously. πŸ˜‚

We were able to snag a beautiful Airbnb that had a pool, a basketball court, a playground, a sauna, a nearby beach, a pool table, and a HORSE STABLE! Unfortunately, they couldn't accommodate all of us when it came to the equine activities, but that didn't stop us from admiring the horses from afar!!!! ☺️

I didn't take that many photos during our stay, since I was trying to soak in the last bit of sun and live in the moment. I did manage to get photos of the playground that the kids and I decorated on our last day there!

They spent so much time collecting these pine cones during the weekend that we felt bad asking them to throw it all on the ground after.

We figured that if they decorated the playground with them and we headed home, they wouldn't have to experience the heartbreak when they see the wind blowing them all away... πŸ˜‚

So I'm quite backed up with my blog and going outta order for a few posts... but stay tuned for a whole lotta updates this week!!! πŸ˜‰