Oh boy, this month was hectic!!!! I had so many things due every week, and having a newborn niece around did not help with my productivity. I'm just so mesmerized by her!!! 😍✨❤️

Although she spends 90% of the time sleeping, she is still so entertaining to watch! She makes like 20 different expressions and always find a way to wiggle her hands out of her swaddle and have them up by her cheeks when she's sleeping. There were so many times when she woke herself up because she accidentally slapped herself. 😂

Before I got bombarded with so many assignments, I felt like I had everything under control last month! I was working 25 hours a week, finding time to workout 3-4 times a week and getting enough sleep every night. Life was gucci!!!! 😀👍🏻

I even found time to attend a beginners calligraphy workshop with my friend, Alpha! The last time I touched calligraphy was back in high school. Since then, I've respected people who could do this because I know how much patience and practice it takes.

The workshop took place inside this cute succulent store! I really liked how small the group was because we got a lot of one-on-one time with the instructor, who was so down-to-earth and skilled! (Ok duh Cindy, that's why she's running the workshop.)

I would definitely recommend taking a class with her if you're interested in learning calligraphy and to check out her booth (B49) at the One of a Kind Show this week! Thanks again Alpha for inviting me!!! 🌸