This year, Daniel and I weren't sure if we should celebrate our anniversary at The One Eighty or Miku. We decided to go with Miku because there were more reviews raving about their food, and we realized that's way more important than being able to see the Toronto skyline! 😄

After reading and hearing so many great things about this place, I was super stoked when we were able to get a last minute reservation! 😀

You can really see the care that went into each dish and taste the freshness and quality in their sushi. At this point, I feel like I can't even go back to all-you-can-eat sushi. I've been spoiled!!! 😩 The place was so fancy that they even served us two types of soy sauce! Daniel was like, "Imagine the only difference is that one has lesser sodium than the other." 😄 ... 😐 ...

They even gave us tips on which pieces to dip in the sauce and which ones to just savour alone. I'm not really a fan of tobiko, but the sushi was so good that it masked the flavour of that!

After dinner, Daniel compared the sushi here to what he had in Japan, but for a fraction of the price?!?! I guess this means I gotta book a flight to Japan asap!!!