This year's Christmas party was much more low key compared to last year's gathering, but it was still memorable because my baby niece joined us for the first time!!! Even though she was there, she wasn't really all there.. this girl napped through the whole thing!!!!! 😂

We started off with our usual potluck dinner, had dessert and played Telestrations! For those who haven't played before, it's pretty much like broken telephone. You draw whatever it says on the card, pass it off to the person beside you and they have to guess what you drew.

Once your notebook is returned to you, you reveal what your card said and show all the guesses that were made. My brother-in-law had us all cracking up with his drawings!!! Just look at this drawing of a plate of jerk chicken... bruhhhhh..

After playing two rounds of this game, we moved on to the White Elephant game!!! The rules were the same as last year's party, where everyone had to buy a unisex gift worth $50.

If you haven't played before, you basically choose and unwrap a gift from the pile OR "steal" a gift from someone who has opened one. The best number to get is the last one because almost all the gifts are revealed by then!

My older cousin, Simon, ended up getting my gift!! Speaking of Simon, him and his girlfriend dropped the news that they're expecting a baby next year!!! I'm so excited for them!!!!! 💗

The other gifts that people received was an oil diffuser, Lush set, Snuggie, fidget cube, board game, Android charger, massager and $50 bill!

Daniel stole the massager from my cousin Nancy, which meant she had to choose another gift. She ended up getting ANOTHER BODY MASSAGER! Hahaha

I was so excited when I unwrapped my gift and saw a Google Home Mini!! I just got Daniel one for Christmas, and didn't think I would get one this holiday too! As soon as I snapped this photo, my older cousin stole it from me.. savage. LOL 😢

Speaking of getting gifts stolen, my little cousin Lisa had her gift stolen twice! 😄 She ended up with a David's tea set and revealed that she doesn't drink tea. Her older sister was like, "Welllll you can start now!" 😄

And I ended up getting the present that Lisa brought for the game, which is a Body Shop gift set!!!! I'm actually so in love with the sugar scrub and have been using it daily. My feet is almost as smooth as baby Mya's, if I do say so myself! 😂