Hey guys!!! It has been a little quiet over here because I've been studying for my exams and picking up extra shifts at work! I'm so happy that it's finally the holidays though and to be able to sleep in for the next few days. Claudia and I hung out last Friday and checked out Dazzling Cafe for the first time! We couldn't get over how cute their chairs were!!!

This week is going to be so exciting!!! We had a Christmas dinner at my Aunt Cindy's house yesterday and tomorrow, I'll be going over to my other aunt's house to do Santa steal with a bunch of my cousins! I'm also going Boxing Day shopping at 7am with my parents tomorrow morning, so that's gonna be fun ...and chaotic.

At the end of this week, I'll be going to Blue Mountain with Daniel and his friends and trying snowboarding for the first time!!!! My aunt Cindy gave me a bunch of stuff to borrow, but the only thing I'm still missing are body pads ..more specifically, butt pads. I'm really hoping that since I'm shorter .. and closer to the ground .. the falls won't hurt as much!!!