So ever since my sister gave birth to Mya, I've been learning all about these asian superstitions and traditions. (Heh.. heh.. that rhymed..) One of them is the "Red Egg and Ginger" party. This is where you throw a celebration to mark the baby's 100th day!

My sister decided to hold this special event at a buffet and invited all of our close friends and family this past weekend!

She even bought Mya this custom little dress to wear for her big day! Too fricken cute!!! Mya definitely had no idea what was going on that day, but girrrl was on her best behaviour!

Wellll... there were times when she got a little bored and grandpa had to step in to entertain her. She eventually knocked out in his arms and was m.i.a when everyone was eating. 😄

She basically slept through her whole party, but woke up right when everyone was saying their farewells and wishes! Ohhhh Mya. 😂