Daniel and I have visited so many museums and galleries together in the past! So when I found out that there was an art exhibition happening by the beach, I knew I had to bring my BFF along!!! 😀 Before we headed down there, we stopped by this pizza place that I've been eying since time!

I just haven't found the time to go because it's so out of the way. I'm not even exaggerating here. We took one bus, one subway and two streetcars to get there ...but it was so worth it!!!

After stuffing our bellies, and picking up macarons along the way (heh heh), we were on our way to the beach! Since we were so close to the water, our fingers froze. Although I didn't have my chunky camera with me this weekend (lent my lens to my friend for her editorial shoot), I'm happy with how all of these photos turned out on my phone! I'm also glad I remembered to bring a portable charger, because this lil' thing died quickly in the cold.

We'll be checking out Yayoi Kusama's exhibition this month and I seriously can't wait!!!