I can still vividly remember Alpha and I sitting in her car one night talking about when we would like our proposals to happen, where we would like to have our weddings and what we would like our dresses to look like! I also remember her being shocked that I wasn't on Pinterest planning out my wedding yet!!!! 😂

I always had a good feeling that Alpha would be one of my first friends to get engaged because you could just see how madly in love her and Dillon are. I couldn't contain my excitement when I found out that Dillon wanted to propose to Alpha after she got back from her LA trip last week. I knew that the best thing to do was to keep my conversations with Alpha to a minimum as the days led up to it, just in case my big mouth drops any hints. 😛

Dillon told us exactly where to park, who to call and when to enter their church. It felt like we were on a secret mission. As more people started arriving, the anticipation grew.

Alpha was under the impression that they were going to celebrate their friend's birthday yesterday, so she and a couple of girls went out to get a cake.

They entered the room singing happy birthday and Alpha had her back towards us, until one of the girls blew out the candles. She was so confused because the cake wasn't for her...

...and that's when Alpha took in what was happening...

Dillon was singing her favourite song, Perfect by Ed Sheeran. 😢🌹

Dillon paused halfway and started crying. All the girls in the room were meltinggg. 😭 He went up to Alpha with the box and said, "I'm sorry, I really tried to sing that for you. It was so bad."

My heart was bursting with happiness at this point!!! I'm so overjoyed and can't imagine anyone else more perfect for her.

So what I've learned from this proposal is that you gotta have a fresh manicure at all times because you never know when it's your turn!!! 😐

Daniel is currently frolicking in Hong Kong and wasn't able to make it yesterday, but that obviously didn't stop me from going. 😌

One of his friends told me to tell him, "You can stay in Hong Kong, honey. They're MY friends now." Tooooo funny. They even offered to drive me and made sure I had veggie options to eat when we had dinner after. 😩

I met Alpha through Daniel and I have no idea how we have gotten so close these past few months, but I knew we were gonna get along well when she kept cracking up at my lame jokes. 💗

I cannot wait to see her werrrk that aisle!!! Congratulations cuties!!!! 💞