I can't believe my niece turned four months old today!!! This was also the day that my sister found out that she was pregnant one year ago! Since my niece has garnered so many fans since she was born, I thought it would be fun to start this segment on my blog called,

This became a great way to keep her fans up-to-date on what she has been doing or learning every month! So for the month of February, Mya...

  • Started to reach for things
  • Liked to make cute little cries when she's hangry
  • Enjoyed the song, Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • Starting sticking out her tongue
  • Liked going on walks in the afternoon 
  • Enjoyed going to the mall
  • Liked to blow bubbles with her lips
  • Tolerated her car seat 
  • Became indifferent about tummy time
  • Enjoyed shaking (and licking) her maracas
You can read more fun facts over here!!!