I'm so happy that Monica and I are still super close, even though we're not working together anymore. 😢We have been seeing each other almost every other week this summer and we're constantly sending each other memes and restaurants on Instagram! 😄

We visited Khao San Road for the first time last month and became obsessed with their Thai iced tea! I even went back with Daniel a week or two later, because I wanted him to try it too! Besides the delicious food, the decor and staff also left a great impression. This place is truly a gem.

A few weeks later, we checked out the Clay Room and designed our own ceramics! I have been wanting to go to a pottery class for some time now, but all of the classes I came across on Groupon were always fully booked. This workshop was less messier and cheaper than an actual pottery class, which was great! 😉 I did a watermelon design for my rice bowl, and Monica decorated her jewellery dish with cute little strawberries. 

Two weeks later, we had brunch at Maha's first, before picking up our ceramics. I already knew Monica's piece would turn out great because of her strong attention to detail. The instructor even featured it on their Instagram! Me on the other hand.. I coated mine with so many layers of paint that I'm surprised it turned out decent! 😄