Hey, hey, hey guys!!! I'm still here! I haven't blogged lately because I'm just so overwhelmed with how backed up I am. I realized that if I don't start somewhere, I will be even further behind. (Whoa. I just realized that line can be applicable to other things in life! 😄) With that being said, let's rewind back to one month ago!

Last month, my friends and I rented out a huge Airbnb!! This property had a pool, hot tub, sauna, indoor squash court, BBQ grill and eight bedrooms!

A couple of guys got there earlier than the rest of us, so we let them assign the bedrooms. When Daniel and I saw ours, the first thing we noticed was this creepy doll sitting in the corner. We were told that every single room had one in it...

I got the heebie jeebies, so I shoved ours in the drawer! 😄 Some of us took advantage of the pool right away, while others played beer pong and prepared dinner. Now that I think of it, we partied pretty hard on Friday night. 😄

The next day, we tanned by the pool, drank fancy sangrias, had water gun battles, took a bajillion photos, played squash, and ate lots of pizza and chicken wings. It was the perfect lazy Saturday.

I ended up leaving my giant camera at home that weekend, so all of these memories were captured with my iPhone and disposable camera! I'm actually really happy with how my film turned out. I'm debating if I should buy an actual film camera now. 😄

Our Saturday night was definitely more chill, in comparison to Friday. Most of us knocked out early!

So creepy story, remember how I mentioned that there were creepy dolls scattered all over the house? I noticed one sitting in the corner of the washroom on Friday night, so I shoved it in the cabinet under the sink. The next day, I told my friend about this doll in the washroom and tried showing it to her. When I opened the cabinet door, the doll wasn't there anymore!!! BRUHHhhh.. why!!!

This weekend honestly went by so fast though. Before we knew it, we all had to get packing and cleaning on Sunday morning. We apparently cleaned up so well, that the host is offering us one free night stay in the winter!

However, with this doll situation, I will have to weigh the pros here... 😬 Special thanks to my friend, Tyler, for planning this trip for almost thirty of us!!!

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