When Monica told me that she has never tried Indian roti before, I knew I had to take her to one of my favourite spots! Since this restaurant was also near one of my favourite macaron shops, I knew I had to take her there too! 😀

We thought it was a bit too early to eat dinner, so we went to get macarons first. It was so hard having to eat these little treats. I'm not talking about the texture here, but the cuteness! Oh who am I kidding.. we actually devoured each one in two bites!! 😄 We really liked the flavour of the Winnie the Pooh one!

For some reason, I just assumed that if they're this cute, they wouldn't taste as good. (It's like cake fondant. I don't know anyone who actually likes the flavour of that?!) I'm still surprised by how tasty these macarons are. They're just the right amount of chewiness!

After we devoured these babies, we went to pick up our Indian food. We took advantage of the nice weather and had a picnic in front of Casa Loma! So peaceful and scenic.

And we obviously couldn't end our day without grabbing bubble tea too. 😏