I always make a big deal out of Daniel's birthday, while he always sees it as another day in the year. I just feel like this is a great time to remind him how special he is to me and how grateful I am that he was born, y'know?!?! Daniel and I celebrated his birthday at Project:Fish last week. We were supposed to eat here on our anniversary, but we decided to cancel our reservations because Happy Place was out of the way. We were super excited to finally try this place though!!

With the positive reviews we heard from our friends and trying our fair share of sushi, we definitely had high expectations. We shared their signature smokey Chirashi tart and ordered two premium tasting plates. Although their portions were small, I found it to be way better than all-you-can-eat! Each piece was a burst of flavour and had a good amount of rice to fish ratio!

After dinner, he wanted to play ultimate frisbee. I picked up two dozen Krispy Kreme donuts during my lunch break at work that day and treated everyone on his team. (Not gonna lie, I felt like a mom bringing cupcakes for her kid's friends at school! LOL) Besides surprising him with that, his sister and I got him a Nintendo Switch for his birthday this year! His family thinks that he should leave this console at my house, so that he doesn't forget about spending time with me too - I TOTALLY AGREE!!! 😄