Three weeks ago, I found out about the CN Tower stair climb through my work! I casually asked my friends if they were up for the challenge and told them that we could grab pho after! I noticed that as soon as I mentioned pho, they were immediately down to do it! Hahaha

I wasn't sure if all the jump squats and lunges I've been doing prepared me for this or if I was going to get a panic attack when I looked down on the 100th floor. All I knew is that I had to get enough sleep, focus on my breathing and not compare my pace with anyone that passed me.

Lo and behold, yo girl got to the top in under 20 minutes!!! I'm shook!!! My goal was to get under 25 minutes, because my aunt and uncle told me that they would take away their donation if I didn't! Even though they were just kidding, that definitely motivated me! I'm so, so happy with my result! We celebrated our victory with pho of course!

Shawn and Rosa invited Daniel and I over for dinner that evening. Shawn crafted amazing dishes for us, while Rosa served us some fine dessert. Afterwards, we played on Daniel's new Nintendo Switch for over FOUR hours! Mario Tennis plus Soju bottles - wild night! Hahaha