YOU GUYS!!!! If you told me that I would reunite with my grade eight friends 10 years later, I wouldn't have believed you! These girls are the reason why I started this blog in the first place!

My parents bought me my first digital camera in grade eight and I would bring it to school to take pictures during recess. Since my friends didn't have Facebook at the time, I decided to start this blog to share photos with them! I didn't intend to keep this blog running for so long, but I found that having a place to store all of my favourite memories really brought me joy!

When I saw the 10 year challenge floating around on Instagram, I decided to go back to the start of my blog and came across so many hilarious photos of us. I shared it with them and we realized that it was time for a reunion! It makes me SO happy to hear that they're both doing so well! We are planning to do a meet up every year now. :)