Thank you so much for the sweet birthday wishes guys!!! Just like last year, I kept my birthday low key and spent it with Daniel. We checked out this new upscale sushi restaurant at Yorkdale, called TORA!

When Daniel and I found out that they're the sister restaurant of Miku, we got even more excited! We tried Miku two years ago (Whoa, time flies!) and Daniel said that their sushi is similar to what he had in Japan!

It was actually my first time trying a conveyor belt sushi restaurant! I got so giddy every time our plates came. You can only order four plates at a time, and each plate generally had two pieces of sushi.

It was a fun dining experience and all the dishes that the chef recommended tasted good! There were a few memorable plates, like their aburi salmon and BBQ eel nigiri!

I just wanted to end this post by appreciating my man for trying to make my birthday special every year! I'm also wondering how he managed to capture me blinking in so many shots. The only photos where I had my eyes fully open were the close-up ones!@#$!@#