For this year's Valentine's Day, I thought it would be fun to create a lottery bouquet for Daniel! I actually got this idea from my friend, Rosa, who created something similar for her boyfriend a year or two ago!

My work was actually closed all-day on Tuesday, because of a snow storm that was making its way to Toronto. This extreme weather ended up being a blessing in disguise, because it gave me lots of time to create Daniel's surprise gift!

First, I googled images and looked on Pinterest for inspirations, then I sketched out what I envisioned it would look like.

Next, I made a list of items I needed to pick up to make sure I didn't forget anything. I brushed my teeth and ran out the door, before the storm started to pick up. I trekked to the nearest plaza and picked up all of the art supplies and prizes. After lunch, I rolled up my sleeves and started crafting!

With the help of skewers and clear tape, I created this!

I definitely felt like I won the lottery when I met him! Daniel is on his way over right now, and I can't wait to see his reaction after our taco dinner! By the way, I wrote a clause in his card to make sure he gives me 90% of his winnings. ;)