GUYS! I lost my Sky Zone virginity today!!! I heard about this place since I was young, but haven't found the right occasion to go. When my friend, Tina, said that she found a great deal for Family Day, I accepted her invite without any hesitation!

For those who haven't been before, it's an indoor trampoline park! We attempted backflips, tried to do a slam dunk, challenged each other in a jousting battle, and played an intense game of dodgeball. It was so intense that I actually got hit in my left eye. I shed a few tears, iced it a bit and "jumped" back on my feet. ;)

I'm not even mad at the person who hit me, I'm just really, really glad I still have my eyesight! Imagine if I wake up with 20/20 vision tomorrow!!! That would be blessssss. Daniel was like, "Of course when I take my eyes off of you for a minute, you get hurt." As soon as I heard that, all I could think was *wow my man still can't take his eyes off of me after 4 years.* Heh heh

After our nice cardio session, we had dinner at Naan & Kabob! I actually bookmarked this place on Instagram last month, so I was excited to find out that we were just five minutes away from this restaurant. I ordered their vegetarian option, Paneer Kabob, and I would totally go back for it again!!!