Daniel and I had a farewell dinner last night, before he flew off to Hawaii!!! I'm so jealous! He did invite me to go with him and his friends, but I didn't wanted to use any of my vacation days yet.

He told me to choose any restaurant last night and not to worry about the price. I was so confused, because it wasn't a special occasion. I asked him if he was breaking up with me and if it was supposed to be our LAST DINNER TOGETHER?!?! He's like, "No, but this is our last dinner until I come back next week!" Phew! LOL

We were originally going to try out this Thai restaurant, but out of all days, they happen to be closed on a Tuesday! We decided to go with Menami, since we couldn't think of another place in the area. It was Daniel's second time, and probably my fourth time (I made a post when I first came here with Claudia!). At this point, I know what I like to order.

I tried to change it up, so agreed to ordering octopus for our appetizer, instead of my usual corn fritters. It was my first time trying it and the texture reminded me of squid.

Daniel ordered what I usually get for my main, and I decided to try their black sesame udon for the first time. After trying all these new dishes, I think I'm still going to stick to what I usually order... :)
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Nice top! You look cute 💕