What constitutes as a perfect day for me is exploring somewhere with someone! I did just that last weekend with Monica and this past weekend with Rosa! The day would start off with brunch and then we would walk all over downtown exploring the ins and outs of many stores!

I find that every time I walk into Nordstrom, I would always eye the Gucci shoes section. I’ve tried on their slides last summer when I hung out with Monica and haven’t stopped thinking about owning a pair since. I wanted to make sure this wouldn’t be an impulsive buy, so I let the idea marinate for months while I did more research on their different styles, sizing and longevity.

When I was out and about with Rosa on Saturday, I mentioned to her how I’ve been eyeing their shoes. She wanted to see what they looked like on. As soon as I tried them, I knew it would be a purchase I wouldn’t regret. That’s when I realized why not get them now then?!

All those overtime hours definitely paid off! :)