When Troy told me that he was going to propose to his girlfriend this year, I couldn't hold in my excitement. Based on how long they've dated (10 YEARS!) and all the sweet stuff he told me, I knew she was the one.

I was so honoured when he asked me if I could be there to capture the special moment. I usually turn down freelance gigs, but this was an occasion I didn’t want to miss!

Since we share an office together (I still have no idea how he tolerates me everyday), I've been watching him plan this proposal for the last two months. He dropped by his jeweller's store every other week during lunch to check up on the ring. He researched, called and visited so many locations after work. He'd send me photos of the sun setting at different times to see if it would be ideal to propose during golden hour.

When the day finally came, all the details were still not ironed out because the weather forecast predicted rain. Since he has been looking forward to this day for weeks, we made the best out of it! Monica and I arrived at exactly the same time Troy and his girlfriend stepped outside the castle. Luckily, his girlfriend hasn't met me before, so she had no idea that we were involved in what was about to go down.

Troy asked Monica if she could help him record a video on his digital camera and before we knew it, he went down on one knee! My heart melted when she said yes!!!

I'm just SO happy for Troy that I've been telling everyone at work what he did over the weekend! HAHA

Congratulations, Troy and Rakky!!! Wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness!