What is up you guysss?!!! This post is overdue because my laptop unexpectedly crashed last weekend, so I had no idea if everything got wiped. Luckily, it was just a small cable issue and I didn't lose any photos!

So without further ado, let's rewind back to two weeks ago when I went fishing for the first time! I didn't know that Daniel used to go fishing with his family when he was younger, until he asked me if I wanted to borrow one of his six rods!

I'm actually glad he has experience because I had no idea where to start. He taught me all the basics, like how to hook a worm, cast a rod and reel in the fish.

We woke up super early because we wanted to catch the sunrise. Unfortunately, we got there a wee bit late and missed it. We still got first dibs on the pontoon boats and I like to think that the fishes are more active earlier in the morning anyway. :)

Rosa was the first one on our boat to catch a fish! As soon as Daniel saw that, he was determined to catch something. That's me reminding him to take it easy because we both know I'll always be his best catch!! Heh heh

We spent 11 hours on the water and (omg I didn't realize how embarrassing this is to share) I only caught one fish during that time frame. I just didn't know when to reel it in when I felt a tug. There were so many times when I pulled my fishing rod out of the water and saw that my little worm disappeared.

Daniel was really good at catching (sun)fishes though. For our last hour there, he caught four in the span of 20 minutes!

After this day, I can definitely see why people enjoy fishing so much. It feels like you're playing a game and it's so peaceful being on the water.

Daniel and I went back to his place afterwards to freshen up for the annual night market! I can't believe this is our fourth time going together!!

We grabbed three things to eat, before making our way to the inaugural CCYAA basketball game. It's basically a charity event hosted by a bunch of asian YouTubers that Daniel has grown up watching. It was so cute seeing him fan girl over these guys!

Here are a few shots that he took!

After the game, we resumed our dining experience. Even though it got super packed later in the evening, we managed to try everything we wanted to and didn't have to wait too long!

I hope this event continues being an annual tradition for us!!!