You guys!!! Alpha and Dillon finally tied the knot!!! It has been really fun bringing you guys along on their wedding journey, from the actual proposal to the bridal shower and even the bachelorette too!

I'm like a month late in posting about their big day, because I haven't found the time to mission downtown to get my film developed. Anyways, I'm so happy with the shots!! I decided to use a disposable camera because unlike my phone, I knew I wouldn't be butthurt if I misplaced it.

I'm still in disbelief and humbled that Alpha asked me to be her bridesmaid. It was my first time taking on this role so I didn't know what to expect, but her joy and gratitude made my job so worth it.

When I first met Alpha and Dillon through my boyfriend almost five years ago(!!!), I could immediately see how in love they were with each other. Separately, they're very special individuals but together, they just complete each other.

Looking back, their wedding day was flawless! The weather was cooperative, the decor was exquisite, the music was full of bops, and the dress looked stunning on her! Dillon sure is one lucky guy!!

Even though I was part of the bridal party, I was still surprised on their wedding day. I had no idea that Alpha did all of the calligraphy work for their wedding, that they were going to bust out into a duet, or that Alpha would cry while walking down the aisle. We actually bet on Dillon to shed a few tears! Heh

Instead of me trying to put into words how beautiful their wedding was, let me just show you guys the video that their videographers showed at the reception (same-day edit!) because I think it encapsulated all of our emotions well.

Congratulations to these love birds! I wish them both a lifetime of love and happiness. Now I can't wait for them to have some baybehs!!! And who knows, maybe the next wedding I blog about will be mine?! HahAAA!