This past weekend, we hosted a royal celebration at Tiny Town for Mya’s 2nd birthday!

My sister really outdid herself with this party. She had a giant charcuterie board, rented a balloon arch, ordered food from three different restaurants, bought multiple birthday cakes, hired someone to design a sweets table and even remembered to make loot bags!

At the end of the day, she said she just wanted my niece to be happy. All I know is that I sure as heck was!! Now I hope my future kids don’t read this blog post and have high expectations for me. LOL

This venue alone was already impressive. It’s basically a town made for kids. The stores, furniture and toys are miniature size!

Mya spent most of her time in the "restaurant" making pizza and in the "hair salon" combing wigs.

She was so ecstatic when it was finally time to blow the candle on her cake.

We've been preparing for this moment since time. She'd use my mom and brother-in-law's birthday candles to practice on, and there was usually a lot of spit with it. So with that being said, we were overjoyed when she was able to blow out her candle on ONE take!!

The next day, we spent the afternoon opening up all of her presents. My cousins and I got her a chalkboard and paint easel and it makes me so happy every time she uses it. On the flip side, she got paint on me like five times already, but thank goodness it's washable paint.

Before I end this post, I just want to take a moment to leave a little message for my niece.

Oh Mya, I still catch myself staring at you in awe at times because I can't believe you're here and you're ours. You have a sassy personality, a contagious laugh and a light that just draws everyone to you. I love how you're always looking out for me, whether it's feeding me your snacks or taking my camera away so that I can enjoy myself too.

Without fail, you greet me with the most genuine and heartfelt hug every time. You taught me how to be more present, how to be more patient, how to not take life so seriously and how to carry myself with confidence. Happiest birthday to you Miss Mya! We love you so much!