Earlier this week, I took Daniel out for dinner to celebrate his birthday! He’s not one to make a big deal about this occasion, which makes me want to spoil him even more to show him how special he is!

He suggested the restaurant, Yasu, when we were trying to figure out where to go for our anniversary dinner this year. I managed to convince him to take me to another restaurant, just so that I can save this spot for his birthday instead.

It was our first time dining here, but my first time trying omakase. Unlike all-you-can-eat or à la carte sushi, the pace and portion that they served it at really made me savour each bite. We had the chance to try 20 different courses that night!

To be frank, I don’t remember the names of the fish for each sushi, but I do remember which ones I enjoyed based on the photos!

With that said, I was not a fan of that piece pictured below, which the chef said was a "delicacy." Oops.

I really enjoyed this plate below though! Who knew that there were so many variations of raw tuna?!

If you guys get the chance to check this place out, I definitely recommend sitting at the chef's table. It was so cool watching them do their thang while preparing each piece! I also appreciate them for sticking a candle in Daniel's dessert afterwards!

The best part of this day was seeing his reaction when he saw the gift I got him. Now he has me there with him every step of the way. ;)

I find it kinda hard to express how much Daniel means to me. He's selfless, considerate, thoughtful and loving. I mean, just last month, he came over with Jell-O, oatmeal and a projector to watch Netflix with meeven though he was exhausted from a long day of taking tournament photos and I could barely talk after my wisdom teeth surgery.

Thank you babe for always feeding me well, making sure I get home safely every night and putting our relationship first. You're finally passed the quarter-life crisis stage and I'm excited to see what this year holds for you!