For the past two months, Monica and I have been rummaging through the racks of different discount stores, like Winners, HomeSense and Nordstrom Rack. It all started when we went into Winners on a whim and came across so many great finds for Christmas gifts! Since then, we just like going in there every other week to see what kind of fancy knickknacks, funky candies, or fake plants they have.

While browsing through the clothing racks yesterday, I got the idea that it would be fun to pull outfits that we'd wear ourselves for each other. To make it more difficult, we decided to specify an occasion for the outfit. And with that said, here is...

Challenge #1 - An outfit you'd wear on a first date to go bowling

After spending an hour at Nordstrom Rack, I found a very cute silky slip skirt and oversize grey knit for Monica, while she found me a leather jacket, plaid pants and scoop neck top.

She actually considered buying the skirt after trying it on, which felt like a big pat on my back. AYYYY!! Meanwhile, the items that she pulled for me were actual items I've been on the hunt for! Whatta coinkadink!

Challenge #2 - An outfit you'd wear if you're meeting his parents for the first time at a chain restaurant

We decided to do our next challenge at our favourite Winners (Yonge & College), and I actually bumped into my uncle here! He thought I was a serious shopper because of the basket I was pulling around. LOL

We ended up pulling two outfits for each other. The first outfit I pulled for Monica was this black ribbed dress that went down to her knees, but the waist was way too loose. She found this mustard top, plaid pants (again LOL) and brown overcoat for me. Both of those outfits did not flatter us at all, so we didn't take any photos in them.

I don't know if the second outfit I pulled for Monica flattered her either. She said she looks like the waiter... that is working at the restaurant... HAHA! She pulled me this oversized cardigan, white bodysuit and black pair of skinny jeans, which felt like an outfit I already owned in my closet!

So what we've learned from doing these two challenges are that... pushing clothing racks can be an arm workout and that we have veryyy similar taste in style! LOL