For my birthday this year, Daniel surprised me with a three-day trip to BC! After having such a fun time in Vancouver three years ago (hoLy MoLy, time flies!), I had a feeling this trip would be just as memorable.

This time, we had the chance to see Kelowna! Once we landed, we had a big brunch, took a stroll by the lake afterwards, lost $20 at the casino—which we took it as a cue to mooove along—and played five-pin bowling with a bunch of seniors! LOL

We waited for Chatime to open at 3:30pm but when we got there, we found out they were closed on Mondays. Actually, there were so many shops and restaurants closed on a Monday there?!!

We joked about opening a Chipotle, a second Chatime or an Aritzia there because we think the locals are totally missing out!! We ended up having an early dinner at this sushi joint and picked up a bunch of snacks from Bulk Barn.

Their version of a spicy salmon roll is adding a dollop of hot sauce. Hahaha

We soon made our way to our hotel in Vernon. Daniel booked a stay for us at the Sparkling Hill Spa and Resort, which is owned by Swarovski! This place was decked out in crystals, from the chandeliers to the staircases. He said he first heard about this place through an Instagram ad and based on his research, this was supposedly one of the best spas in Canada.

When we entered our room, our bed was decorated with rose petals, chocolates and a card wishing us happy anniversary.

He said he only told them that it was our anniversary, so that they would give us this special treatment. LOL
The next day, we woke up to a view of the mountains, enjoyed their complementary breakfast, went on a hike and took advantage of their pools.

We attempted to take a jumping photo, but Daniel was scared he'd break the bed. LOL

We made a one hour drive back to Kelowna in the afternoon to finally get Chatime and try the infamous laksa soup—that everyone on Reddit kept recommending—at Mad Mango Cafe. We can totally see what the hype was all about - it was so flavourful, fresh and filling!

We drove back to the resort and detoxified our bodies from all that soup we had by trying seven different saunas, with each one increasing in humidity and temperature. In the evening, we ran a bath in our room and enjoyed a bottle of wine, while we ate the rest of our Bulk Barn snacks.

This is actually the first trip where we didn’t have an itinerary and played it by ear, which made me realize how lucky I am to find a partner that is down for anything. Big thanks to my lil’ boo for planning this whole trip for us, and not letting me spend a dime. πŸ₯ΊπŸ’›

As you guys are reading this, I officially turned 25 today! πŸ₯° And as a birthday gift to myself, I booked a trip to a place I’ve been wanting to go to for SO long...

Little me is going to PEAR REE! I absolutely can’t wait to eat my bodyweight in macarons, see the Eiffel Tower in-person and visit Disneyland again!!