Happy October, guys!! What I look forward to the most during this time of the year is a-a-apple picking!! This has become an annual tradition for Daniel and I for the last four years. 

At this point, we know exactly which kind of apples we like (honey crisp!! ginger gold!!) and when they become available for picking at our go-to farm

It was quite a different experience this time around because of the strict guidelines in place for the... you know what. Luckily, there were still a lot of apples available even though we visited two weeks later than usual! 

Daniel even had to ration which apples to keep because our bag was getting full and we wanted to pick more!! 

The other tradition I've been keeping up with is picking up a tray of butter tarts from their farmer's market! Everyone knows that sliced apples hit different, but have you tried dipping them in a gooey warm butter tart?!? So good. 

We went for dinner afterwards and I'm so glad I offered to pay, because I just found out it's National Boyfriend Day! Luv u lil' boo!!!!