Hey guys! I know I posted less than usual this past summer, but now I can finally catch you up on everything. 

Daniel and I started condo hunting back in March. We’ve been dreaming of owning a place together since the early years of our relationship, so we aggressively saved up for it as soon as we landed our first full-time jobs. We had no idea how much time and energy would be involved in this entire homebuying process. I felt very scatterbrained and knew that I wouldn’t be able to articulate everything well on here at the time.

We viewed close to 40 condos, switched realtors mid-way, lost to five bidding wars, wrote personal letters, reviewed more than a handful of status certificates and consulted eight different mortgage brokers for the best rate.

In the middle of all this, I felt like it was time to make a career switch after holding the same position for nearly four years. If we weren't attending a condo viewing, I’d be tailoring my job applications in the evenings. 

During these last six months, there were days I felt defeated and doubtful, but there were also days I felt incredibly grateful and grounded. I soon realize that if I wasn’t happy with my current state, I’d likely be unhappy when I reached my goals. 

I started prioritizing my wellness again and finding joy in the seemingly small things, like reading outdoors during sunsets, having late night pad thai with my cousins on a random Tuesday, playing in the sandbox with my niece, challenging myself to run 20km every week, picking fresh peaches and plums from the garden, sitting and eating gelato on the sidewalk curb and finishing one book per week. I also started saying the same affirmations that JLo would use, and taking Oprah's advice of coming up with five things I’m grateful for every morning.

Before I knew it, everything started falling in place six months later. I started my new job last month, got the keys to our condo this month but most importantly, continued keeping up with my self-care ritual and learned to enjoy the ride!

We're SO excited to host our first Christmas dinner for our family this year!