In keeping up with our annual tradition for the last four years, Daniel and I visited an apple farm last month!

This year, we decided to visit Albion Orchards for the first time and this place exceeded our expectations. They had reasonable admission fees, plenty of apples, small crowds, and sold delicious butter tarts.

Good thing Daniel reminded me to bring gloves, but it looks like he forgot to pack his own and was shocked I didn't bring him a pair. Boy what! On the other hand, he did remember to bring his paper towel roll to wipe down the apples he wanted to snack on.

It's been a while since I brought out my big camera on our dates, so I spent more time playing around with my camera than picking apples. 

Meanwhile, Daniel knew what he was coming for.

I also thought it would be a perfect opportunity to get a new headshot for my LinkedIn profile, since I was starting a new job the following week! The wind wasn’t co-operating with us though, so there were A LOT of outtakes...

We celebrated my new milestone that evening with dinner at Ferro Bar and dessert at Booyah.

I'm hoping to give you guys a big life update later this month - stay tuned!!