Last month, Daniel and I stayed at a cottage with a couple of friends for the weekend and visited a nearby alpaca farm!

It was our first time being near alpacas, so we had no idea what their temperament would be like. The farm had a handful of alpacas to choose from and we think we lucked out with Rosie. 

She wasn’t even bothered by the constant camera in her face and even “smiled” for some of the photos! She was so chill, allowed us to hug her any time and calmly walked the whole trail with us. 

At one point, I almost wanted to keep her as a pet because she was so obedient and I knew my niece and nephew would be just as obsessed with her.

We had the chance to feed them afterwards, pet other animals on their farm and ride a donkey! If you get a chance to visit Chatsworth, I highly recommend spending an hour here!